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Our Purpose

Second Home Senior Living was created with the purpose of providing outstanding, individualized care to older adults in a home-like setting that feels comfortable, intimate and familiar.

Why Choose Us

  1. Location

    Our community is situated in quiet neighborhood with a home sitting on 3 acres of land.

  2. Skilled and Dedicated Staff

    All of our caregivers are hired on a W-2 basis and are thoroughly vetted, extensively trained, and closely supervised.

  3. Quality Accomodations

    Private single-resident rooms. Low caregiver-to-resident ratio. Amenities such as recreational and exercise areas, a custom built chairlift, a house-wide electricity generator. And much more.

Who We Are

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Located in the western part of Howard County, in a quiet and safe residential neighborhood, our Community is situated on serene and private 3 acres of land with an opportunity for our residents to enjoy watching wildlife all year round.


Our Amenities Include:

    • Totally redeveloped residential property
    • Single level (rancher style) structure – no need to negotiate stairs at any time
    • Wheel chair ramps on the front and back of property – easy access for residents with mobility challenges
    • Lots of outdoor space 
    • 8 individual tastefully decorated bedrooms
    • 5 full bathrooms with safety features
    • Sprinkler system installed throughout the property
    • Brand new appliances throughout the home
    • Large recreational space on the lower level
    • Custom built chair lift – residents are able to sit down on a comfortable chair, press a button and be safely transported from the main level to the bottom level and vice versa.


Dedicated to Senior Care

Eleonora Don is the Principal owner and the Assisted Living Manager for Second Home Senior Living.

Eleonora has been drawn to caring for Seniors for a long time. From 2011 to 2017, Eleonora was a part owner of a Private Duty Home Care company based in Columbia, MD.

Eleonora helped start-up the company and was the face of the organization in the community. Part of Eleonora’s role was to meet with families that were looking for care options for their loved ones and explain what options were available. For families that chose not to move forward with Home Care services, Eleonora was able to remain an advisor to them and was able to provide additional resources to help those families come up with a plan to care for their loved ones. 

Another part of Eleonora’s role was to forge strong working relationships with other organizations in the Senior Care industry. Eleonora used to be a Volunteer for Gilchrist Hospice, as well as sit on Gilchrist Taste of Howard County fundraiser committee. She was also a member of the Alzheimer’s Association and helped promote the Annual Alzheimer’s walk in Howard County.

Eleonora is a member of COGS (Coalition of Geriatric Services) in Howard County. COGS is an established network of professionals serving older adults. 

A Personal Connection

What drove our Founder, Eleonora, to start thinking about opening a Residential Assisted living was the fact that her grandmother was diagnosed with Dementia.

Although Eleonora previously helped care for those who have been diagnosed with a cognitive decline, it was different when it was a family member.

Based on Eleonora’s previous experience with clients who had Dementia, it became clear that Grandma will eventually need around the clock care in her home and that was something that Eleonora’s family was not able to afford. Eleonora decided to put herself through an Assisted Living Manager course and opened her own Residential Assisted Living Community.

Eleonora’s grandmother, along with Eleonora and her parents, immigrated to the United States of America in 1989 from Ukraine.

The name Second Home Senior Living came from conversations that Eleonora had with her grandmother. “My grandmother used to always say that she had fond memories of Ukraine and when the family moved to the United States, this country felt like a Second Home to her.”

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