Medications are essential for the care of seniors. When used appropriately, medications are effective treatments for acute and chronic conditions. Pain relievers, for example, help a person with arthritis to button his shirt, or a woman to feed herself.

The benefits of medications invite potential hazards like toxicity, adverse drug reactions, interactions, other adverse reactions.

Yet, a great number of assisted living residents depend upon medications for treating short-term and chronic illnesses. 85% of the residents require assistance with management of their meds.

The medicines dramatically improve a resident’s quality of life.

If you have a loved one in assisted care, you know that these seemingly little things can go a long way in preserving dignity and independence. On the flip side, if medicines are not taken as directed, there are serious consequences.

Where we stand out

Our Delegating Registered Nurse coordinates Medication Management Services with the residents’ physicians.

Our community has a good working relationship with a local Pharmacy that will deliver our residents’ Medications directly to our community.