Full time RNs in assisted living is a key element to consider when choosing a senior living facility. You want to have the assurance that quality care is directed and provided under the direct supervision of qualified professionals such as Registered Nurses.

What are the benefits of staffing full time RNs?

Continuity of Care

RN leadership can build a team with residents, their families, their physician and other professionals, which leads to improved health and wellness. By being present and working full time in the facility, the nurse is able to get to know each resident on an individual basis and determine the best approaches to health issues. They have the time to really listen and respond to each resident and their family members.

Coordination of Care

An RN on staff can improve access to health care providers such as therapies, pharmacist, podiatry, psychology/psychiatry, hospice and other specialists.

Quality of Care:

Professional individual care plans prepared by an RN are designed to promote health, independence and quality of life. Anyone can write a service plan, but only a Registered Nurse can complete a comprehensive clinical assessment of a resident’s overall health status and devise a care plan specifically for that resident taking into account not only their individual needs but also their strengths and available resources.